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Help me choose between:

↑ do this one
↑ do this one

You asked that already, so here's the same answer again.

Hoping for the other answer? Now you know what you should choose.

Those are the same thing.

You clearly want to do that. Go for it.


This tool chooses between two options, to help indecisive people make decisions.

It does not verify that these options are good ideas. If you enter a good idea and a bad idea, there is a 50% chance it will tell you to do something dumb. If you enter two bad ideas, there is a 100% chance of this. This tool is not legal, financial, social, or moral advice.

Data is stored only on your computer, and consists only of a hash of each pair of items you've entered (i.e. you can check if a pair has been asked about before, but you can't get a list of all the pairs). If you want to clear it, will do so. You'll still get the same answers next time you ask, though.